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California Minimum Wage Increases

California employers should take note of the following minimum wage increases that took effect on January 1, 2020: Statewide: $13 per hour, regular and tipped employees Alameda: $15 per hour, regular and tipped employees Belmont: $15 per hour, regular and tipped employees Cupertino: $15.39 per hour, regular and tipped employees El Cerrito: $15.37 per hour, […]

Ohio Minimum Wage Increase

Ohio employers should note that on January 1, the state minimum wage increased to $8.70 an hour for normal workers, and to $4.35 an hour for tipped workers.

California Adopts New Independent Contractor Test

In a recent case, the California Supreme Court adopted a new standard for determining when a worker is an independent contractor, and when a worker is an employee. This is a major departure from how workers have been classified in the past, and will have far-reaching effects on employment and the gig economy. The case, […]

Medical Marijuana Now Legal In Ohio

Ohio’s new medical marijuana law recently took effect, on September 8, 2016. This law, passed by the Ohio legislature, followed a failed ballot initiative that would have legalized marijuana in Ohio for recreational use, as well. The new law permits doctors to prescribe marijuana as treatment for a lengthly list of ailments, but patients will […]

Does Your Uber Driver Make Any Money?

Today one of my twitter followers, and someone I actually know from the startup community here in Cincinnati, posted an interesting tweet: “I always open up my @Uber/@lyft email receipts, wincing at the long ride I took, thinking it’ll be $20. It’s consistently less than $9. [celebratory emoticon] The tweet got me thinking about whether […]