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Ten Common Startup Mistakes – Part 1

Today seems like a good day to tie together a number of subjects I’ve written about in the past, as a list of the Ten Biggest Legal Mistakes Startups Make. Here are the first five: Number 1 – Choosing the Wrong Form of Entity All too often, I encounter startup founders and would-be founders that […]

Five Things You Should Know About Stock Options

Startups often use stock options to attract, retain, and motivate talented employees. Stock options are complicated, however, so here are five key things any startup founder (and startup employee) should know about stock options, as well as two freebie tips.     What Kind of Option Is It? There are two kinds of options: incentive stock […]

83(b) Basics for Startup Founders and Employees

Typically, any blog post or article about a section of the tax code promises to be a snoozer, but knowing about Section 83(b) is crucial to any startup founders and employees. It’s pretty easy to do it right, but if you are sloppy or uninformed, and you mess it up, and you are in a […]

The Importance of Vesting

I just came across this article by Rebekah Campbell, on a topic of crucial importance to entrepreneurs — how to divvy up ownership interests in a startup. Campbell is an Australian entrepreneur, and is the founder and CEO of Posse, a mobile social network that connects customers and retailers. In the article, she talks about the rather […]