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Cybersquatter Protection 301 – The Uniform Rapid Suspension System

This is the third entry in a series on how trademark owners can protect themselves from cybersquatters. The first post talked about the trademark clearing house, and the second post discussed the Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy (“UDRP”). Today’s post will discuss the Uniform Rapid Suspension System, a/k/a URS. Contrary to what you might think, URS […]

Cybersquatter Protection 201 – UDRP

This is the second part of a series on trademark and cybersquatting. In the first part, I wrote about the Trademark Clearing House, an essential resource for trademark owners who want to protect their interests. Today I am writing about the Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy, also known as UDRP. The UDRP was established in […]

Cybersquatter Protection 101

Any business with a valuable trademark has to worry about domain names and cybersquatting. This has become even more important with the sharp increase in generic top-level domains (gTLDs). Recently ICANN introduced more than 1300 new gTLDs. In this post and a few follow-on posts, I’ll talk about what businesses can do to protect their […]


Good news for anyone that has registered a trademark. Beginning in January 2015, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) will start providing email reminders to trademark holders that they need to make a filing to maintain their trademarks. When you register a trademark, you have to file a Declaration of Use between the fifth […]

Brand Name Protection – The Three Pillars

Recently I wrote about the importance of ensuring that your desired corporate name is available, as a key step before filing to incorporate your company. Today, I will take an even broader view of protecting your corporate name. There are three important actions to take: reservation of your corporate name, owning your domain name, and […]