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How To Tell If Your Startup Ecosystem Is Sick

I had an interesting lunch with some fellow lawyers the other day. I know, “interesting” and “lawyers” shouldn’t be used together in a sentence, but bear with me. We were discussing venture capital deal terms we had encountered with various startup financings we had worked on. One of the other lawyers mentioned that in two […]

Can A Letter of Intent Be Binding?

The answer is, sometimes. When companies are exploring a potential deal – whether it is an investment, a merger, or the sale of real estate or some other asset – they often put together a “letter of intent” prior to finalizing and signing a definitive contract. The purpose of the letter of intent is to […]

Anatomy of a Term Sheet – Piggyback and S-3 Registration

Welcome back to our Anatomy of a Term Sheet series. We are taking the model Series A term sheet from the NVCA, and analyzing the various terms in depth. Last time we began a discussion of registration rights, and focused on demand registration rights. Today we are going to focus on two other kinds of […]

Anatomy of a Term Sheet – Registration Rights

Welcome back to Anatomy of a Term Sheet, a multi-part series in which we take the model Series A term sheet from the NVCA, and analyzing the various terms in depth.  We have finished with the charter terms and the Stock Purchase Agreement section of the model Term Sheet. Today we start working on the […]

Five Keys To Working With Investors

If you are a startup founder and you are looking for outside investment, here are five keys to working with angel investors and venture capital funds. Investigate Your Investors Potential investors are going to put a lot of money into your company, and they will investigate your company thoroughly. You should do the same with […]