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How To Tell If Your Startup Ecosystem Is Sick

I had an interesting lunch with some fellow lawyers the other day. I know, “interesting” and “lawyers” shouldn’t be used together in a sentence, but bear with me. We were discussing venture capital deal terms we had encountered with various startup financings we had worked on. One of the other lawyers mentioned that in two […]

Startup Financing Is Not A DIY Project

There are projects that are easy enough for a smart startup founder to take on, and then there are projects that are simply too complex, and which require the help of an experienced lawyer. Financings, such as a seed round or convertible note financing, are definitely not DIY projects. Several years ago, I bought a […]

Anatomy of a Term Sheet 4 – the Liquidation Preference

Welcome back to the fourth installment of my series on the Anatomy of a Term Sheet. I hope this series is helpful to startup founders, and helps break down some of the legalese in venture capital term sheets. In this series, I am going through the model term sheet provided by the National Venture Capital […]