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Copyright Office To Require Online Registration of DMCA Agents

If you have a website with any user-generated content, you want to take full advantage of the protection provided by the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). This has two components. The first is posting (and following) a takedown policy for potentially infringing content in your terms of use. The second, often-overlooked, component is registering an […]

Website Protection from Copyright Infringement Claims

If you operate a website, you may have to worry about copyright infringement claims. This is particularly true if you have a blog, or if you allow visitors to post photographs, music clips, videos, or written content. The visitors may be posting content that infringes on someone’s copyright, and you don’t want to be responsible. […]

Don’t Forget Your Terms of Service

General Mills’ recent mess has focused a lot of attention on website terms of use. General Mills revised its website terms of use to take away many legal rights of its website users. For example, if you were so impudent as to download a Cheerios coupon, you would be forfeiting your right to sue if that […]