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Ten Common Startup Mistakes – Part 2

In this post, I wrote about the first five out of ten common startup mistakes. Now I will continue with the next five common startup mistakes. Number 6 – Ignoring Securities Laws When a startup raises money, it has to comply with the securities laws. The Securities Act of 1933 specifies that a company cannot […]

Three Things Your Startup Needs When You Hire

Most startups are narrowly focused on two key projects – developing the product and raising capital. All too often, however, startups neglect HR-related needs, which they see as less critical to the success of the enterprise. This oversight can get a company in trouble, so here are three HR-related things every startup needs once it […]

Bring Your Own Device – Pitfalls and Policies

A fairly recent issue facing businesses and their employees is the trend known as Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD. This term describes the practice where an employer relies on its employees to bring their own laptops, tablets, and/or smartphones to work for business use, rather than issuing them company-owned devices. BYOD raises a variety […]