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Vermont Passes Strictest Subscription Renewal Law

Companies that offer subscriptions that renew automatically now have to pay attention to tiny Vermont, which just passed the strictest automatic renewal law in the country. Several states, including California, have laws governing subscription renewals that require sellers to clearly and conspicuously present the terms of the offer, get express consent from the consumer, provide […]

California’s Subscription Renewal Law About To Change

On July 1, 2018, California’s subscription auto-renewal law is about to change in a couple of important ways. This law applies to e-commerce vendors who sell to consumers on a subscription basis, where the subscription renews automatically. For example, companies that offer subscription box services are generally subject to this law. Under the law as […]

Best Practices for Auto-Renewal Subscription Plans

Many of us purchase products or services on subscription plans that renew automatically, without the need for any additional action. Magazine subscriptions, streaming music, and streaming video services are common examples of these kinds of subscription plans. So are cloud computing services like Dropbox and Office365. It is a lucrative model for businesses, because the […]