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About the firm

The Law Office of Paul H. Spitz is an innovative, 21st century law firm that focuses on serving startup companies, entrepreneurs, and small to mid-size businesses. These are the types of clients that are traditionally neglected by big law firms, who prefer Fortune 500 companies that spend millions on legal each year. To us, however, you are our favorite clients. There’s nothing we enjoy more than helping someone achieve independence and financial security by starting his or her own business. Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or experienced at starting and running businesses, we leverage our experience in helping dozens of other clients who have experienced the same challenges, to guide you as you run your business.

Our clients operate in a diverse range of industries, including high tech, consulting, marketing, e-commerce, manufacturing, consumer products, and digital media. Rather than trying to provide a wide range of disparate legal services, we prefer to focus on corporate law and transactional services, including company structuring and formation, drafting and negotiating business contracts and leases, assisting with seed and venture capital financing, and guiding our clients through mergers and acquisitions. Our goal is to be viewed as “outside general counsel” for our clients, so if we don’t do something, we will help you find someone who does, and stay involved if needed.

We have designed our firm with the conscious intention of serving our clients better. We keep our overhead low, maintain a paperless office, and strive to provide our services in a transparent, cost-effective manner. We incorporate fixed-fee and subscription billing on many projects, to provide clients with predictability. We use cloud technology, video-conferencing, digital file-sharing, and other technologies to serve and communicate with our clients, who are located all over the United States.

About Our Founder

Paul H. Spitz

They say that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but that’s kind of boring if you ask me. There are plenty of lawyers who finished college, went to law school, started practicing law, and have done nothing else in their careers.

That’s not me.

It started that way. I went to college at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), then law school at Boston University, and then I practiced law for 7 years, mostly in Boston. At that point, I decided I wanted to see what it was like to be the client, so I went back to school and got an MBA from Indiana University. Then I started a coffee and tea import business in San Francisco, and after that I purchased and ran a picture framing franchise. How many lawyers are there that have framed an original Andy Warhol painting of Chairman Mao, or a collection of original conceptual artwork and storyboards from the Star Wars films? And now I’m back to law, running my own firm, and helping startups and entrepreneurs start and run their businesses.

This experience running multiple businesses informs my work as a lawyer for my clients. I’ve dealt with the same issues as a business owner – making payroll, putting together marketing, finding and leasing space. This gives me a much deeper understanding and insight than the average lawyer, who typically focuses only on “what does the statute say.”

I’ve lived in Ann Arbor, Boston, Bloomington, Chicago, Santa Fe, and San Francisco, and I now live in Cincinnati, my hometown. I collect photography, play piano, go to concerts (classical, jazz, rock, country), read spy novels and thrillers, and travel when I can.