Private Placements and Angel Financing

Private Placement Lawyer for Angel and Venture Capital Financing

Is your company seeking financing? We help companies with private placements, venture capital, and angel Financing. 

Companies seeking to raise investment through a private placement or public sale of securities face a large, complex array of regulation at both the federal and state level. Failure to comply with securities laws can result in civil and criminal penalties. We can help companies determine what securities regulations apply, and guide them through the compliance process as they raise funds.

Startups face unique issues as they seek venture capital. While the kinds of documents used in startup financing have become fairly standard and predictable, these are still highly complex legal documents. We will work with startups to understand the terminology and effect of complex financing provisions, and help startups negotiate with angel investors and venture capital firms.

In any venture capital financing, due diligence can be a time-consuming, difficult process. We will help companies prepare the documents needed for due diligence, and identify gaps where remedial measures must be taken.