Employment Agreements, Handbooks, and Policies

Employee Handbook Lawyer and Attorney for Contractor Agreements

Having a well-drafted employee handbook can reduce your company’s exposure to employment litigation matters.  We help businesses create definitive handbooks that cover a wide range of areas covering the employer-employee relationship.

Adding employees to a business is a major milestone, but it can create a variety of headaches. If an employee or contractor is writing software or other intellectual property for you, you will need an agreement in place with “work for hire” terms, to ensure that your company owns the intellectual property. We can help draft appropriate employment and independent contractor agreements.

As your company grows, it becomes important to develop and communicate workplace policies and practices, as well as values and culture. We can help you develop an employee handbook, as well as policy statements on subjects like harassment, discrimination, and BYOD (bring-your-own-device).

While employee handbooks are usually not one of the first things considered when businesses first hire employees, the reality is that such handbooks are often invaluable in saving companies tens of thousands of dollars in potential lawsuits.

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