New Company Formation Service Available

November 16, 2017

Customers for legal services are increasingly segmented, just like customers for any other product or service. Many consumers of legal services like to do things themselves, on their own schedule. In recognition of this fact, we now offer online company formation services for DIY-oriented consumers. You can now form an LLC or corporation online in any state, through our website.

Also, you will get a one-hour consultation with me, where you can ask questions about forming and running an LLC or corporation. Other online company formation services may not provide such an opportunity.

One thing to keep in mind is that this service is limited – you get your company formed, but essential post-formation documents are not included. For example, if you are forming an LLC, you really should have an operating agreement, particularly if you will have co-founders. Similarly, with a corporation, you will need resolutions appointing directors and officers, you will need bylaws, and other post-incorporation documents may be necessary. We can provide all of those, customized to your needs, but they aren’t included in the online formation pricing.

We also offer registered agent services in all 50 states, as well as compliance services in those states where annual report filings may be required (such as Delaware and California).

Ready to get started? Simply go to our Business Formation page.

3 commnets on “New Company Formation Service Available

  1. Glenn Jones says:

    I want to start a company with my sister listed as the owner here in Ohio. The profits or losses of the company would be contained within the company and not claimed personally by anyone. My sister would not pull any profits or salary from the company right away. My sister is concerned about any personal tax implications this might create. Is there a way for her to create the company anonymously with it’s own tax ID that would not affect her own tax situation now? She anticipates her tax bracket to be lower in the future. Thanks

    • Paul H. Spitz says:

      There are a lot of issues here, and they really can’t be answered on a blog. You and your sister should make an appointment for a consultation.


  2. Nice Post, thanks for sharing with us, keep posting and do post about Company Formation.

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