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Why Should I Use You Instead of Legalzoom or Clerky?

“Why should I use you to set up my business, instead of Legalzoom or Clerky? You cost more money.” I get that question occasionally from clients, and I usually answer by explaining that all those sites do is provide documents, which may or may not suit your needs. You may Read More

The New York Times Rule

The “New York Times Rule,” in its broadest definition, means don’t do anything you wouldn’t want to read about on the front page of the New York Times. A somewhat narrower version of the rule is don’t put anything in writing that you wouldn’t want to see published on the Read More

Is Google Fiber Coming to Cincinnati?

According to this article in the Business Courier, City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld and a group of startup executives would like to bring Google Fiber to town. Google Fiber is a high-speed broadband service that Google is currently providing in Provo, UT, Austin, TX, and Kansas City, KS/MO. Google claims that Read More

Cincinnati Business Courier Announces Our Opening

Andy Brownfield of the Cincinnati Business Courier has written an article about the opening of our firm, which you can find at this link.  Andy covers the legal and startup beats for the Courier. Andy does a nice job of summarizing our efforts to reach out to the community of entrepreneurs and startups Read More

Flat Fees, Part 1

What is this going to cost me? That’s a question every single client asks, either openly or silently, when seeking out legal services. Most clients fear the answer is “more money than you can imagine,” whether they are sophisticated, experienced purchasers of legal services or seeking out legal help for Read More

Expect the Unexpected

Launching a business isn’t easy. There’s a lot of planning to do, and invariably some unforeseen event will occur that derails your schedule. Today’s post is about just such an event.It came in the form of a rock in the middle of a winding road in the mountains of western Read More

Coming Soon!

Welcome to The Law Office of Paul H. Spitz and its website.  I am currently in the setup phase, and expect to be open for business on December 9, 2013.  I will be moving into the Cintrifuse co-work space, at 299 E. 6th Street in downtown Cincinnati. I am very Read More